Rob Rees officially opens Gloucestershire Trading Standards new Food Blog!

Launched at the University of Gloucestershire’s Café Scientifique on Friday 30th May this new food blog aims to encourage people to discuss a whole range of food-related issues.

Fantastic! At last one central point for the county to have a say about all the food issues of today and the future.
Add into the mixture all the passion that comes from people so close to the food remit from chefs, farmers, food producers, market organisers, retailers, hoteliers, scientists and drink producers to name a few and an evocative debate begins.
Of course passion when combined with regulation, legislation and government statistics and policy can often become an explosive issue. Contradictions in stories cause us and those in the food world every day so many moral dilemmas.

Let us save the environment with Bio Fuel but cause food poverty as an indirect result. Let us export stunning regional products but cause global warming transferring it there. Let us tackle the obesity time bomb but ignore malnutrition. Let us get every child cooking but ignore the parents.

As consumers it becomes so difficult to know what to do. What to shop for, cook and eat without feeling guilty? How do we take a food issue separate the gobbledee gook from the facts and what can we as individuals do that will help improve our lives for the better.

Well certainly this blog set up by Gloucestershires Trading Standards will give you as good a starting block as any to have your say, question others and think about the bigger foody picture for the future.

So what about me? Well I, amongst others am going to be here each month stirring up opinions and views to keep everyone on their toes. I am going to act as the independent amongst all the policies that are out there and the pile of information that bombards you. Its time to make this site the one for Gloucestershire to find out about their food and drink and related issues. Each month we will tackle one issue at a time from local to global, fat to thin, farm to fork, cradle to grave.

Go on have your say.