Aug 08 – Attention further education colleges

So we thought it was just schools that where involved in the Government health drive. Well not any more. Further Education Colleges will be asked to look at developing Healthy FE Schemes that involve their staff and pupils. This will cover everything from drugs and alcohol advice to sexual health and well being.

What about food? I would love to see development sessions for staff to inspire them to good food and information around healthy eating that will add value to their work and lives. Not only that but what about standards for food provided for students in FE settings and a ban on the poor quality vending machines – why should it just be about the schools. If you are a staff member at a FE college or a student lets us know here about the good, bad and ugly of what goes on around food provision in your college.

Rob Rees
Rob Rees MBE is The Cotswold Chef™


One Response

  1. about time…..some of the food that is served at gloucestershire college is just rank and the word healthy vending has no meaning there….why would it it doesnt bring any nvq funding…the only trigger for the college

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