Aug 08 – Here’s an update on Get Gloucestershire Cooking…

From September 2008 Get Gloucestershire Cooking reaches out to three of Gloucestershire’s Pupil Referral Units. It will be working with the students and staff to help develop hot school meals cooked by the youngsters themselves and meet all the new standards……fantastic, and inspired by the young people.

Not only that but Get Gloucestershire Cooking will be delivering 20 masterclasses to staff and parents in Early Years settings across the county. It’s never to early to start… I know that there are so many more cooking projects for all ages in the county, it’s time to shout about them and list them here on the blog.

Rob Rees
Rob Rees MBE is The Cotswold Chef™


2 Responses

  1. This sounds wonderful! In my daughter’s first year of school they did a lesson with fresh fruits and vegetable and later did some cooking. The teacher came out to speak to me and told me that my daughter was the only one in her class who recognised the fresh ingredients and knew what to do with a sieve……………

    This is a great initiative and I look forward to hearing success stories from it!

  2. Did anyone watch Jamie last night in Rotherham? Tell us something we dont know Jamie. Come and see some of the fab stuff in this county from GRCC to schools, farm to fork.

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