Sep 08 – What a waste!

Continuing our theme from last month’s debate – waste – we are concentrating this month on the waste generated by excess packaging.

Despite increases in recycling, domestic waste has risen by 20% in the last ten years. Five million tonnes of packaging are dumped annually. Packaging accounts for one-third of an average household’s total waste and it is calculated that the average family now spends £470 per year on packaging.

The big food retailers have signed up to an agreement, called the Courtauld commitment , to slash packaging waste within five years and also to tackle the amount of food that goes to waste. But do you think they could do more?

Some campaigns urge shoppers to remove “excessive and unnecessary” wrappers and dump them at the supermarket checkout. Most people will be reluctant to kick up a fuss at the checkout, so what do you think we should do?

Are you fed up with excess packaging? Do you have examples of food with unnecessary packaging? We would love to hear your views.