Jan 09 – Zero Waste Week

food-waste26th January to 1st February 2009

With Zero Waste Week just around the corner, we wanted to take this opportunity to ask whether any of you out there will be taking up the challenge and having a go? 

The aim of the week is to encourage as many people as possible to reduce the amount of waste they produce and to recycle and compost as much as possible.  Our resident blogger Rob Rees is fully behind the initiative and is calling on all of us to have a go! 

It is so important for our environment and indeed the money in our pockets that we utilise as much of our leftover food as we can with lovely dishes like Shepherds Pie, Spanish Omelettes, Apple Fritters, Banana Digestive Cake and so many more.

We are informed that Gloucestershire households throw away on average almost 3kg of food each week.  That is the equivalent of 390 tins of baked beans every year!  This wasted food usually ends up in landfill, where it contributes to the production of methane – a potent greenhouse gas – that is harmful to the environment.

It is clear that action needs to be taken so we fully support this particular initiative and would like to wish the best of luck to all who plans to takes part.  Let us know how you get on!

For more details and to sign up to Zero Waste Challenge Week log on to <http://www.recycleforgloucestershire.com/zerowastechallenge/index.html>