June 09 – Green Vision


During Recycle Week, 22nd to 28th June, Gloucestershire Trading Standards Service virtual interactive VISION food hall introduced a host of useful recycling messages online.

VISION (Virtual Interactive Shopping Information Online) is a web-based interactive food toolkit to help consumers make more informed choices about the food they eat. The centrepiece of the site is an interactive food hall to explore and the ‘Are You Balanced?’ challenge based on the Food Standards Agency eatwell plate.

Working in conjunction with the county council’s Waste Management Unit, VISION can now demonstrate how easy it is to recycle everyday items from food and drink cans to cardboard cereal boxes. The site also points you in the right direction should you need more information.

Cllr Stan Waddington, Lead Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “We want to use as many ways as possible to get out the recycling message. Linking up with the VISION project is another way to get people thinking about the waste they produce and how they dispose of it. This is just the beginning of the close working between waste management and the VISION project.”

Cllr Will Windsor-Clive, Cabinet Member for Community Safety, said: “What a great way to get even more value out of the VISION food hall. Shopping and cooking inevitably lead to some waste. Responsible consumers think not only about what they buy and eat, but about how they can reduce waste and recycle more.”

This year, the theme for Recycle Week was ‘let’s waste less’. You can still choose from a number of pledges to recycle more and cut down on your waste by going to the homepage. In addition you can register your support by using your mobile phone. Text PLEDGE to 60030 and pledge to waste less.

Eddie Coventry, Head of Trading Standards, said: “The recycling messages have really added value to what we are trying to achieve as a service and we are hopeful that the general public will find this a useful resource. VISION set out to provide an interactive, engaging element to the way the service presents aspects of food labelling, health and nutrition, and with the latest additions is all the more a rounded product.”

To find out more log on to www.visionfoodhall.com