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HeatherHeather Woodward – Editor
As a Senior Food Enforcement Officer at Gloucestershire Trading Standards Heather’s role sees her assisting with the day to day management of the food team, offering assistance to local food manufacturers in the county, dealing with food related complaints from the general public and involving herself with educational initatives that seek to raise awareness about food issues in general.

SimonSimon Doble – Editor
Simon is Information Officer at Gloucestershire Trading Standards Service and is responsible for promoting the work of the service particularly through web-based means. He has been involved in a number of food education projects including the ‘Cyril the Seal’ booklet for schools which aims to encourage children to eat a balanced diet.

ToniToni Smith is the Food Standards Agency’s Regional Co-ordinator for the South West of England. She works to strengthen relationships with local authorities and other local and regional partners to improve the delivery of FSA food safety and healthy eating targets in communities.

RobRob Rees MBE is one of the UK’s leading campaigners for a better food culture in Britain. He works with central government, regional development agencies, local authorities, schools, communities and the food industry as a powerful inspiration to the benefits of good food and associated food policies. His work as a food consultant, chef and former restaurateur has taken him on projects around the globe celebrating the assets of the Cotswolds, South West and the UK.

HazelHazel Gowland has been allergic to nuts and peanuts since 1960 and has survived a number of life threatening reactions. She has worked at national level with the Anaphylaxis Campaign since its earliest days in 1994 and is now its main food adviser.  Hazel supports and advises those at risk of severe food allergies, both through personal experience and professional expertise. Keep an eye for her posts over the next few months.

LizElizabeth Moran is a Public Analyst based at Worcestershire Scientific Services. Public Analysts are the scientific and technical arms of the food law enforcement service. Each local authority must appoint a Public Analyst who will analyse samples of food and drink for Trading Standards to check for contaminants, additives, nutrition information, composition and authenticity.


4 Responses

  1. I’m a tad confused – Spring Water – high salt, high fat & high sugar?

    Is that why I couldn’t select it for my basket?

  2. Thank you very much for letting us know about this and yes it clearly is incorrect! We have been having some issues with our admin system that we hope now have been resolved.

    We have had to make some foods ‘unselectable’ as part of the challenge. There are a few reasons for this, however essentially items such as water, tea and coffee fail to fall into the 5 different food categories as specified by the Food Standards Standards Agency eatwell plate which is illustrated on the intructions page of the food hall.

    I do hope this answers your question. Let us know if we can help any further and good luck with the challenge!

  3. Your Food Hall and supporting pages have been highly recommended on my large Gastronomy website at http://www.gastronomy.org.uk . Go to the “Health” page.

    Good luck with your endeavours.

    Alan Harrison

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