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Rob Rees MBE is one of the UK’s leading chefs and consultants dedicated to creating a better food culture for Britain.

He has actively campaigned on education, health, nutrition, food safety and consumer issues for many years.

He works with central government, regional development agencies, local authorities, schools, communities and the food industry as a powerful inspiration to the benefits of good food and associated food policies. His work as a food consultant, chef and former restaurateur has taken him on projects around the globe celebrating the assets of the Cotswolds, the South West and the UK.

Rob will lead regular debates on this blog on topical issues and at its official launch in May 2008 said:

Fantastic! At last one central point for the county to have a say about all the food issues of today and the future. I, amongst others, am going to be here each month stirring up opinions and views to keep everyone on their toes. I am going to act as the independent amongst all the policies that are out there and the pile of information that bombards you. Its time to make this site the one for Gloucestershire to find out about their food and drink and related issues. Each month we will tackle one issue at a time from local to global, fat to thin, farm to fork, cradle to grave.

Go on have your say.


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