Vegetarians and Burgers

In this burger debate it would be too easy to let the voice of Vegetarians go unheard. We weren’t prepared to let that happen. We spoke with Su Taylor of the UK’s Vegetarian Society. The Vegetarian Society is the oldest vegetarian society in the world and committed to promoting vegetarian choices and lifestyles.

Su was keen to answer our questions and discuss the Vegetarian’s take on the burger. First, we tackled moral implications concerning Vegetarians and eating meat burgers (or any meat for that matter). Su explained:

In a survery conducted on behalf of The Vegetarian Society, the majority of people said that  they gave up meat and fish because they did not morally approve of killing animals, or  because they objected to the ways in which animals were kept, treated and killed for food.  But there are as many reasons for becoming vegetarian as there are vegetarians.”

Su also pointed out the health angle provoking many people to become vegetarians:

 “Many  people are becoming vegetarian because it matches the kind of low fat, high fibre diet  recommended by dietitians and doctors. The environment is another contributing factor as  people become more aware of the environmental effect of raising animals for meat. Some  might also be concerned about wasting world food resources by using land to raise animals  for meat instead of growing crops that can feed more people directly”.

To vegetarians, eating a meat burger is environmentally unfriendly and unhelpful in the current food crisis climate. However, Su didn’t neglect burgers entirely. Instead she pointed us towards the Vegetarian Society’s approved range of veggie burgers. But are these any good?

Yes! But there are lots to choose from so it’s worth looking around the supermarket and your local wholefood shop” Su also notes the healthy aspect of these burgers. “It depends what it’s mae with and the way it’s cooked, but they can be much healthier. Veggie burgers come in all shapes and sizes nad are made from a variety of ingredients like pulses (Beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas), nutes, seeds, soya, Quron and wheat proteins“.

What do you think? Do you agree that vegetarian burgers might be healthier and more environmentally free than meat burgers? Is it ethically better to eat a Veggie burger than a meaty burger?